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We provide information and assistance to mobile researchers – by means of this portal and with the support of our national EURAXESS Service Centres. This portal contains practical information concerning professional and daily life, as well as information on job and funding opportunities. The services centres help researchers and their family to plan and organize their move to a foreign country, providing assistance in all matters related to mobility.All services of the EURAXESS Network are free of charge.


Belgium: 3 partners

This Belgian portal for mobile researchers is the fruit of a collaboration between the Flemish Community, the French Community, the Brussels-Capital Region and the Belgian Federal Science Policy. It is financially supported by the European Commission.




About Belgium:

Belgium is a small country that has a quite interesting governing structure: we have a Federal State, but also different Communities and Regions.


We have three communities that largely follow the language boundaries in Belgium: the Flemish (Dutch speaking) community, the French Community and the German-speaking Community.


Besides the Communities, we also have three Regions that follow economic autonomy: the Flemish Region, the Brussels Capital Region and the Walloon Region.

The Federal state, Communities and Regions have the authority for specific domains, this means that for certain aspects of living in Belgium you will have to turn to different levels of the Belgian structure. For example, visa and social security is a federal responsibility while funding for scientific research can be provided by federal, Flemish and Walloon institutions. What matters most for researchers is that depending on the location of the hosting institution you will find yourself in a French, Dutch or German speaking part! But don’t worry, many Belgians speak excellent English and the everyday language in most international research environments is English!

Read all about our government structure and the different responsibilities at the website of the federal government: http://www.belgium.be/en/about_belgium/government


Helpdesk for researchers

Belgian EURAXESS Service Centres

There’s no doubt about it: to move abroad involves a great deal of planning and preparation. But where do you start? The Euraxess Service Centres and Local Contacpoints will try to help you to plan your relocation and to start sorting out different aspects of your new life: The primary task of the EURAXESS Services Centres and Local Contact Points is the provision of updated information and personalized assistance to researchers and their families in all matters related to their mobility experiences within the relevant organisation.

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